Done and it's 10:53 pm--yes, that's why I like the routine I can do at home when it works for me. Thanks!
Sharon K.
Lost 20 pounds!
Shawn is a wonderfully talented trainer with a passion for encouraging those around him. No matter what your goals Shawn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you in the process. I would highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity to utilize his services.
Wade K.
Lost 25 pounds!
Shawn put together a great plan for me with exactly what I needed and had time for! He has a great app that lets you track your own progress and knowing someone was keeping me accountable worked really well. I'm happy to report that I felt fantastic throughout the 13 miles and finished well. Not bad for a questionably in shape 41 yr old mom! Thanks a ton Shawn!
Diane T.
Completed a Half Marathon
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