Dedicated Nutrition Coaching

Working with a nutrition coach is great for two key reasons: outside accountability, and experienced guidance. Sometimes you just hit points in your journey where you are just stuck, whether it’s from a lack of motivation or some other factor that is holding you back. Having and outside set of eyes to look at the situation can help you stay objective and on track when the going gets tough.

How Does It Work?

We believe that nutrition, and training, should be individualized for best results. None of us are exactly the same, let’s act like it! First step in the whole process is a detailed assessment where we work with you step-by-step to create the diet that is most effective for you.

Throughout the process you will find that our nutrition coaching focuses on three main concepts: outcome goals, limiting factors and behavioral goals.

Outcome Goals

This is what keeps everything objective and is simple the measurable results we want to help you achieve whether that is losing 30 pounds or putting on 5 pounds of muscle. Objective results are our responsibility as coaches. We will help you set these goals but after that we move on to the next part in the puzzle: finding limiting factors.

Limiting Factors

Something is holding you back from reaching your goals otherwise you would already be where you want to be, right? This is the fun part of the journey. We work with you through a very detailed assessment process to find the factors that are keeping you from achieving what you want to get done.

It may be an issue of hormonal imbalance or it may be more behavioral in nature (like snacking too much at night or not having food prepared ahead of time when you know you’re going to be busy). Often times it is a combination of things. We work with you to target the right area of focus and create the behavioral goals that will drive your results.

Behavioral Goals

This is where you come in. Behavior drives outcomes. In many cases what is holding our clients back are bad habits – ingrained behavioral patterns. Changing these for the better is what helps you to arrive at your outcome goals (for example packing your lunch so you have a quality meal at work each day). The behavioral goals are your responsibility which is great because it keeps you focused on what you can control. We pair this with your outcome goals to regularly assess the effectiveness of your program and adjust as necessary as your needs change throughout the journey (and they will).

What Does It Look Like?

The setup for nutritional coaching is very simple: we meet twice a month, completely separate from any other training session so we can focus 100% on nutrition.

You receive all of the Precision Nutrition materials included in the self-guided package. They are a truly invaluable resource and become all the more powerful when paired with dedicated coaching.

Your first 1-2 visits consist of assessment and goal-setting. From there we will educate, advise and generally be there to hold you accountable throughout the whole journey.

We love doing these sessions in person but are also happy to do them via phone or video chat.

Pricing? Do You Have Any Packages?

Yes, we offer nutritional coaching as part of our Gold and Ultimate packages.

If you want to work on just nutrition by itself, or don’t want to work with a package we are happy to schedule 60 minute sessions for $45/each.

Grab a Session

Want To Get Started? Learn More?

Give me a shout at I’m happy to answer any questions you have or get you started with dedicated nutrition coaching.

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