Enemies of Consistency – Overwhelm

Overwhelm is easily one of the biggest culprits for falling off the wagon and losing consistency.

Thankfully it often boils down to something pretty simple: biting off more than we can chew. 
If you break it down, overwhelm is simply taking on more than our current skills and abilities have the capacity to handle. We just don’t feel capable or competent enough to keep it up, so we get frustrated and give up.

You see, fitness and diet culture love to talk about quick results, which is understandable. It’s way sexier to talk about (and sell) a 14-day fix than a year-long transformation. 
And sure, you can get good, even great results, in that time-frame, but quick results usually come at a terrible, yo-yo shaped, cost.

It’s hard to take on extra-ordinary circumstances to drive change, and then keep it going.

As humans we naturally resist change, even small amounts of it sometimes. To expect a big shift in lifestyle all at once to stick is silly.

So what’s the answer?

First – fight the urge for the quick “transformation”. Anything worth doing will take some time. Not days. Not weeks. Months. Years maybe.

Second – Do a better job of assessing where your skills and abilities are at currently, so you can make informed decisions about the amount of change you can take on to begin with.

This way you can troubleshoot your weak areas and come up with a plan to make consistent, small, and palatable changes over time based off of the skills you already possess.

In the long run, this will feel much easier, uplifting, and sustainable. Overwhelm won’t even be in your vocabulary. Plus, you’ll build momentum that will carry you through the rough patches instead of making you fall off the wagon.

Yes – this way is slower. Yes, it is less sexy. Yes, it is the best way to get results to actually stick.

More on this on my next post. I’ll dive into how you actually go about assessing your skills, and how to make a plan from there.

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