About Shawn

Shawn fell in love with fitness and health early in his life and never looked back. He started with his passion for endurance sports (especially cycling and triathlon) and founded Beyond Endurance Training in 2012. He has since worked to help all kinds of endurance athletes reach, and surpass their goals from 5k to Ironman.

Not long after, Shawn discovered his love for nutrition and dove in head first, devouring as much knowledge as he could. This inspired him to pursue his personal training and Precision Nutrition Coaching certifications, and eventually the founding of Shawn Gerber Fitness.

Shawn strongly believes that we all have the capacity to do incredibly great things, and that quite often we get in the way of our own success. He is passionate about working with busy adults who have lost sight of their health and fitness, and helping them discover all that they are capable of.


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