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You've got a lot going on in your life. Jobs. Kids. Chores to do. Businesses to run. I get it! With everything on our plates these days it can feel downright impossible to fit one more thing into your schedule. If you find yourself wanting to regain the healthy body you once had, I'm here to help. My entire mission is to make your transformation feel easy and help you find ways to fit it into your existing lifestyle.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new."


Traditionally, when you decide you want to make a change and get healthy, you usually go out and got a gym membership. We all know how that typically works out. Change is hard. Why add any extra burdens to it like travel time or having to pack a bag ahead of time? Whether it is personal training, nutrition coaching, or a combination, I come to you. Easy.


At home, in your office, in the park - you name it - the workout comes to you! Everyone's journey is unique, and so are their exercise needs. Each training program is created specifically for you and your life. 


Knowing how and what to eat can be a terribly hard, and confusing thing. It doesn't have to be! Our nutrition coaching cuts through the crap and makes it easy for you to improve little by little so that it feels easy, and gets you results that last. 


Eliminate travel time to and from the gym! With online personal training, you get the direction and motivation typically provided by working with a trainer one-on-one, but with a lot more flexibility for your schedule and at a fraction of the cost.


Wherever you are! I'll bring the workouts to you, whether that's in-home, at the office, at the park or somewhere else. 

My main location is in Wooster, but I also serve clients in the Canton, and Massillon areas.

Phone: (330) 828-1015



I decided to give Shawn's program a go just to experience it. I was shocked with the progress that I made right from the start. His coaching opens your mind to new techniques, diet options, and a new sense of well being. I enjoyed it so much I encouraged my wife Debby to give it a try and it helped her up her running game as well.

Dale K.

Avid Cyclist

I went a 1.38 in my 500m row...down ten seconds from two months ago, blew that goal of a sub 1.45 out of the water and took the gym record! 💪🏼 guess I wasn’t too tired today!

Emily Transformation

Emily S

Lost 45+ Pounds

Shawn put together a great plan for me with exactly what I needed and had time for! He has a great app that lets you track your own progress and knowing someone was keeping me accountable worked really well. Thanks a ton Shawn!

Diane T



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